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The love and perseverance to go deeper

It took me three month to get a rather clear perspective about all that happened before during and after this meeting. The night before one member of the sangha (I describe this rather vague) brought  something in the satsang. In … Continue reading

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Isaac Shapiro’s take on ‘advaita versus neo advaita’

During the last silent retreat, the one in Venwoude in May ’15, I used my 15′ of fame, my turn on the chair, to ask a question that is related to the ongoing discussion on the ‘advaita versus neo advaita’ … Continue reading

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Isaac Shapiro on learning to be masterful moment by moment, the basics

This is Isaac Shapiro, filling in the newcomers in the last silent retreat in Venwoude last May. As far as I’m concerned, this one needs to go viral amongst those interested in clarity and ready to to take a look. … Continue reading

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When one expression of totallity is crying

An example of what happens when some 120 people go attentiveley silent when one expression of totallity is crying:

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The universe has an immense sense of humor

httpv:// In this conversation I mention Andrew Cohen as the biggest ego that thought he wasn’t. So, it’s fair enough that I will post this under his letter, adding it to the rapidly growing list of comments. A facebook group … Continue reading

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Mail to Shantimayi and a ballet: a bit of stamping

“Every tribe has its own way of stamping” says Jiří Kylián in the documentary The road to stamping. Last Februari and March I have been in Rishikesh. I also attended satsangs with Shantimayi. I have been in her satsang once … Continue reading

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Overal spullen om ons heen

Mijn favoriete tijdschrift is de verder nauwelijks in gebruik zijnde VPROgids. Af en toe lees ik in een oud exemplaar van de stapel die ontstond toen ik in India was. Vandaag werd mijn aandacht getrokken door een bespreking van een … Continue reading

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