Brrrrr, back home.


Strange it is, to be back in Holland after two month hanging out in India.

And again there where this thoughts about willing to give it a try to live back home more in the way living goes in India.

Yet, while it is easy to leave my room over there at 9 o’clock in the morning and come back twelve hours later, after having spent the whole day out there a l’improviste, this is practically impractical in Amsterdam.

What is the main difference? Although the temperature in India is my main concern there (if only it doesn’t get too hot), and the reason for my move from South to North India already in the first week of Februari, it is at the same time what makes it so easy to be out there all the time: nothing is too cold, you can sit on walls and stone benches, and you can stand or sit and watch what’s going on easyly.
India is more womb-like, as a friend put it today.

And in the room is not a good tv set, not a good sized monitor + computer, just to mention the easily available alternatives for being out there while it is too cold to hang out in the open. While I write this, there is the sound of chilly cold rain on the roof, a pretty nice sound at the central heated side of it.

Yesterday I bought ‘verse doperwtjes’/fresh peas and this afternoon I attempted to make an Indian meal as Indian as possible.
Nowadays youtube is the perfect source for finding instructions to do this.
So I improvised a mushroom matar massala, based on this:

It tasted great and this is what it looked like:

There is way more to share, yet writing stories seems to qualify as futile at the moment.
Which as such is apparently worth mentioning. :-))

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