Being That and being able to embody it

As added in youtube too, this:
As far as I’m concerned (far!), this is the clearest clarifying explanation of the core of the confusion around what is usually referred to as enlightenment.
In my words: in trying to understand life driven by the feeling of separation, from a state of dissociation, we forget after having ‘seen’ the oneness of it all, that we came from a state of our embodied organisation in which the feeling of being separate as such is organized. Reorganizing that, in other words learning to fully relax, brings up all the stored shit. And so there is a tendency to avoid feeling this, resulting in a partial embodiment. (The extreme of this is the fully mental version aka neck up enlightenment).

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4 Responses to Being That and being able to embody it

  1. Ward Williams says:

    Hey Hans cool blog, I’m glad I got a link, the video is quite nice. I hope you are well and enjoying life to the best of your ability. Isaac looks pretty good, I think this is a lovely, clear description of many peoples childhood attachment “failures” and how I feel, almost ‘set up’ to ‘seek’ until, thankfully i gave up and just started working with what I do have and the love that is all around us. Not easy, Hope you are well.



  2. adheesh martin stolten says:

    Thanks hans. wen he is pointing it out like that- it it melts me so much. thank you for bringing it up. love adheesh

  3. Gail Libman says:

    Can’t hear a thing! Foo!

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