“My masturbation praxis is in a way a protest movement. :—).

Recently I wrote Swami Atmananda two emails.

His answer to a certain part of it, (‘I enjoy what you wrote about Khajuraho etc and agree with all the points you made about the Pope declaration (about Evil) and the Catholic Church.’), made me decide to share here what I wrote to him.


By the way 2: my last blog was a long one and I have considered to send it to you.

Here it is: https://www.hansvandergugten.nl/?p=5116

Feelingwise it has to do with being part of this Christian culture with its tendency to suppress many things, sexuality being one of those things, and then blame the monster that is created by this very act to be the source of all evil. The devil.

The Pope did it again today.

Instead of blaming his organisation for having created the biggest sex scandal on earth by suppressing sexuality (Instead of learning all those priests how to deal with their sexual energy), dressing up sexuality with the energy of sin, and interdict masturbation, he blamed those priests to be tools of Satan.


Am reading at the moment a book titled Selfless. The mystical abyss of the modern I.

(Zelfloos. De mystieke afgrond van het moderne Ik. Marc De Kesel 2017).

There I learn that already centuries ago people like Malebranches and Fenelon analysed that there was a layer of cruelty in the story about Jesus as our saviour.

(This is all quite new for me, I can not explain it yet in my own words).

And what does the Vatican do?

The works of Malebranches are added to the Index librorum prohibitorum.

The Catholic church is a sect.

It is basically a main source for the deplorable state that humanity is in.

My masturbation praxis is in a way a protest movement.


Or, a wider perspective, the by now worldwide out of proportion focus on sexuality and pornography is in a way a replaced surfacing of what in our Christian culture has been demonized by a priest caste that was not honest or able enough to transform their own sexuality.

Which led for instance to many many women being pushed to having too many children.

Pushed by priests who were large scale sexually frustrated.

And according to their boss, their spiritual leader, those frustrated men are tools of Satan.

Yeah yeah.



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