The new man? (Thank you, no thanks, I’m not interested.)

Holland, Amsterdam, May 30, 2004. A man speaks with Isaac.

The question in the core is about this I, I think. Because, a few days ago I had a little argument, a little fight with someone. And it is all about the idea of this evolution in which we are, about becoming a new mankind: being more intuitive, more receptive, with more consciousness, etcetera, etcetera.

And it had to do with the way in which we are to evolve in that direction. And there was a little thing going on and to me it felt very painful.

And when the whole idea comes in from: there is no I. So, I can not create anything new. I cannot contribute to anything new.  But then again, there is a certain process, a principal, like you are explaining things to us, so we can become more aware of the blockages in us. So there is a way in the world to create more consciousness, or, not to create more consciousness, you know what I mean, it is a bit hard to explain, but you know what I mean. By which manners

> It is beautiful how you speak, cause it shows up the confusion.
< I have read a bit about
> Before you go on, let us start here. We can recognize and see, quite easily, that the way we have been functioning is at an end, is finished. And the way we have been functioning has been: to use our mind to make it better. That was it, fundamentally. So that is interesting, because where does that leave us? It is like: here we are. Our way of functioning, on a day to day moment by moment basis, hurts. And not only hurts us, but everybody we are close to, everybody we love, our children,
< The earth
> the earth. What we have been speaking about here today, is seeing how that functioning happens. All of that functioning is based, at its most simple, on wanting a different experience than what we are having. Everything. That is all it is based on. Isn’t it?
< Yeah, moving closer to that point also, but ….
> Just have a look. And see if it is true or not.
< Yeah.
> What is it based on? What is the core?
< To me, what I learned, eh, I think you are right. May be the conviction is not yet deep enough, but it is that way.
> You see, it is not even a conviction, really. It is just looking for yourself and seeing if it is true.
< Well, obviously I can see the contraction, being scared for falling apart when I don’t act like this or that. These things I can see inside myself.
> Yeah, and all of them are, at its most basic, simply a movement to get away from our experience of now. It is never more than that, it is never less than that. It is only that. So the only place where a new man can come from, is now. Here. If we have any idea of how we are supposed to be, what happens?
> ….
What  it sets the stage for, is comparison. Between how we are and how we should be. And incredible inner violence. And what we do inside ourselves, we do everywhere.
< Yeah, you made it clear, yes.
> So, what we can see, is: we have been believing in our experience and referencing everything to our experience.
< Yes, yeah, building a whole world around it.
> Building a whole world on that.
< Question from the audience, summarised by Isaac Shapiro. If I heard correctly, the question was: there is a big power that uses this to manipulate us. May be not consciously, but it seems that way.
So, what make us manipulatable? When you are here, and there is no preference for your experience moving one way or another, how is someone going to manipulate you?
< Fear.
> What is fear? It is just some sensations in you. How will somebody manipulate you if genuinely fear is welcome? There is a story: during one war, this army was marching, I forget which country. They came to a little village and in this village where a lot of  people interested in truth. And most of them fled into the jungle. Except one guy, who was sitting there. And this army marched in. And the head of the army marched up to this sage and said: do you know who I am? I could cut of your head with my sword without blinking an eye. And the sage replied: Do you know who I am? You could cut of my head and I would not blink an eye. And the army officer bowed to him and left. How does that happen? That somebody could say that and be genuine in it.

From the audience: He knows that resisting is more painful. (Of course all the laughter and stuff gets lost here. Just for once again: here was a great laughter).

> In a way yes. Another way of saying this, is that he knows that all he is ever dealing with, is what is going on inside of him. That all that fear is …. If you tune in:  can fear actually do anything to you? What you call fear? No. So, what power does fear have? If you don’t want it, what power does it have? What is the difference?
< When you don’t want it, it can kill you.
> And if you don’t want it, are you manipulatable? Totally. All somebody has to do, is make you afraid. And you will run.
< That is probably why Jesus didn’t mind to be crucified then?
> We don’t know ….
< To point out that it is okay, that it is no big deal. Even physical pain can be accepted like that, he?
> Bottom line: what are the options? If that is what is on your road, that is what’s on your road.
< But when I am coming back to my question, it is: what about you? Is it just love that wants to communicate, or do you have a motivation in it? A personal one, or may be ….
> Yeah, can be funny in it. But let me take the question in and see. There is no motivation.
< Just a natural movement?
> It moves like this. This is the most fun I found. People wake up? Great. People don’t wake up? Great. People show up, great. People don’t show up, great.
< You don’t feel any urge to
> Fix anybody?
< To create a better world? It happens by itself.
> Yeah. I see that the force that is the intelligence that I am is way, way, way vaster and bigger than anything that I could think how it could or should be. I can see that any idea is just way to small. And what I know is: I am this, the same as you are. And that somehow this force has lived as a sense of I in me. And it is clear that it is not me. It is not a matter of accepting. It is just seeing. At this moment, in every cell of your body, a hundred thousand chemical reactions happen. Per second. In every cell. I mean, this is unphathomable. The intelligence that knows how to do that! This sense of me, this contraction, I mean, really, what can it do? Bottom line it boils down to: do I want to live as a contraction, or do I want to live as reality? And even that is crazy, it is just a metaphor. Because, it is like: there is no choice. Once you see, you see. If you don’t see, you don’t see. Once you see, it is over. The sense of yourself, that has been trying to get enlightened, or make a better world, or do whatever it is doing, I mean, what is it?
> In reaction to a question from the audience: We can say it is inborn, but if we look at it from a bigger picture: The universe is 15 billion years old, may be, if we believe that even. Dinosaurs have live for 200 million years, if we believe that. How long has man been around? May be 2 million years. And of this 2 million years, most of it we were hunter-gatherers. Little different from chimpanzees, I mean baboons. Just wandering around, getting our food from everywhere. We had not much reason to speak. Grunts, clicks. Somewhere along the line, again, if we can believe time and if we can believe what scientists are saying, about 60.000 years ago language developed. First time speech could even happen. That’s oldest we know. Speech. Writing is only 10 to 12 thousand years old. So, thinking, the way we think now, is actually a new development in the whole scheme of things. And what it opens up, is the potential for immense suffering. But also for seeing through, like what is happening here today. I mean, what thinking is, is basically a capacity to solve problems: you stick a stick in a ants hill, ants crawl on it, you can take it out and eat it. From that it develops to being able to making clones, and the rest of it that can happen. If you look at the history of inventions. We have had electricity only 2/300 years or something like that. Cell phones what? Cell phones. How long we have had cell phones? Not long. Cars? You know, we live in a world that seems like it is always been like this, but it is new. Very new. So this whole world that we live in, with our thinking: thinking is useful, it is a useful tool. But. When it is used to try and control our experience, what happens? Is it useful? No. But somehow we have not realized that. Or, for most of humanity, we have not realized that yet. So, everybody is still trying to use it. To use our thinking to control our experience. In that way of functioning we live as contraction: we are trying to find safety in this mechanism. And as long as we are trying to find safety, how do we feel? Do we feel safe? Absolutely not. If you are trying to find safety, you feel not safe, right? So, what do we do? We build atomic bombs to try and feel safe. I mean, this is how we function, isn’t it? But it starts in each of us, or in consciousness you could say, as this idea that we can control our experience. And this is how it manifests at this point on a global level. And it starts with this tiny little movement inside. So now there is an interest you could say, and it is getting bigger on the planet, to wake up. Wake up from the dream. And again, there is a lot of confusion about that, yeah?
< The only way …. eh. Well, even this movement just happens.
> It either happens or it does not. Look how many people from Amsterdam are interested in truth. Not so many.
< You can not stretch out this point to someone just by will. It has to be just a natural flow. So you cannot manipulate it.
> You cannot manipulate it. It is not like that. And there is a natural movement happening  in the world right now. Millions of people are starting to get interested in yoga. You know, there is little steps happening.
< It leaves me only with one thing, Isaac. There is a concept I read about. From Andrew Cohen, who says: the only real thing that can happen  is a perfect response between not being manifestation and being manifestation. And to me that is what you are pointing out now. And what I experienced in the retreat. But it seems as if he has, I did not read much about it, but to me it seems as if he has a recipe to move in that direction.
> That is what we are seeing happening, that recipes are being concocted. And in a way they seem appealing, because it looks like something that you can carry into the future. But we have explored that sofar. Anything that you try to carry about how to be, does not work. So in our own seeing, you could say, we just get to look and see what we actually know ourselves: what do we know? Right here, right now. If we have some idea of how to be, of how to behave, what does that do? Does that make us big or small? Does that make us free? Or does that make us bound? Then somebody can try and tell us, but we know. Than you, no thanks, I am not interested. Not: you are wrong or whatever. Just: I am not interested, cause I have seen for myself. Then you are your own authority you could say.
< Yeah. Okay. Thanks you.

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