This is it, again and again

From this meeting the text is available:

Germany, Munich, September 23, 2003.
> Anything you would like to say?
< How much time do I have?
> As much time as is genuinely an expression of what is true here
< Since I told you in the retreat that I kind of dropped the idea of having to give satsang, then the world started changing, you won’t believe it. Already five times or so I came home from a retreat with the idea THIS IS IT, measured by the preceding amount of drama. And since the retreat the world has so amazingly changed and so smooth. So again: this is it, here I am. And it will change forever.
> Yes.
< And I want to share something that I figured out last night. There was a want or a goal that at a point, may be now, may be later, you had to tell me that I found the diamond. And I could trace it back to my childhood. I mean the sensation that it was based on. And that is the fear to live as truth on my own.
> Ah, so sweet to hear you speak.
< This is what I had to say in the open. And no matter what happens, I always will keep projecting a little buddha on you. You know why. Wauw.
And I have a request to all of you. This little child turned 56 today and I would like this chorus to sing for me.
< Thank you so much. Thank you so much.
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