September 15, 2003. Chiemsee Retreat, Germany.
After almost 4 minutes of silent looking, Isaac starts the speaking.

From this meeting the text is available:

Germany, Chiemsee, september 15, 2003.
After almost 4 minutes of silent looking, Isaac starts the speaking.
  > You’re seeing how you have been relating to outside and now it just flipped to being inside. It’s a funny way to describe, but it’s the best way I can say.
  < I couldn’t say it better. I keep being astonished. What you speak from there, it is so what is happening. My words on what happened to me, since I said what I said the last time in the chair: it is as if my aura has been filled with body. And of course I could speak in detail for a long time about what happened.
  > Just enjoy.
  < Yeah. Yesterday I realaised that I was preparing on ‘what happened’ and then at a point I saw what I was doing and then I thought Ah, now I eve have a prepared genuine story.
  > All of this came out of this outside referencing. And the awquardness you felt your whole life with people was from this outside referencing: how am I being received, can I be
  < You just tell my sharing. Keep going.
  > Same voice.
  < His masters voice.
  > Wonderfull Hans.
  < I have one question. Over the last years you talked quite casually about going into being. That is actually a mental state, right?
  > Yes.
  < Just checking. So, a few days ago you said to somebody You can use being for … Whatever. But whenever one of us thinks ‘I am in being’, we’re not. Right?
  > Yes.
  < Okay. Just for the record. Thank you.
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