Story upon story

So, here I am, in Tiruvannamalai already for a while.
The old habit to make stories out of life here has indeed somewhat collapsed.
And life itself more and more becomes a story of which I am the witness and in a way also a participant.
I am not even keeping a diary at the moment.
There are a few stories in the making, not even related to being in India.
Now i follow the urge to write kind of a summary of a episode that seems to be already way back, yet there is a kind of light shadow of it that wants to be projected on this wall.
There we go:
The morning of December 30 of last year we woke up in the bright sun shining on the already well known rooms on the beach of Mammalapuram.
I stayed three days there and not even touched once the sea water.
Beach life is not really my thing. Yet I was happy to be there again and especially watching and being near the rock carvings is a joy.

After one night in Pondycherry where we had dinner with a friend of the friend I was travelling with, die van dat andere petje:
we took a taxi that was to drop me of in Auroville and take Diederik to Tiruvannamalai.
The day before we wanted to take the bus from Mammalapuram to Pondycherri, but we were made an offer that we couldn’t resist by a passing taxi that came empty from the airport because his passenger had not been allowed to pas customs.
This taxidriver new the place that I was going to visit and arranged a room for me in Auroville on walking distance from the Auroville Language Laboratorium, where I intended to do Tomatis sessions and take Hindi lessons.
And that is what happened: In about ten days I did 24 hours of Tomatis, a combination of the for me well known regular Tomatis Listening Training and their Hindi interaction Program. And I had a private teacher that taught me the Devanagiri script and a bit more about the Hindi language.
I made this flattering Tomatis selfie:

Even visited the inside of Auroville’s intriguing Matrimandir.


That place would be a good surrounding for a movie about the dances of Gurdjeff:
That is how it felt.

By now already some time in Tiruvannamalai, my daily activity is satsang with Swami Atmananda. Only four more days of this and then we go look around a bit.

Am having nice lunches with the growing up ‘little girl’ called Sindhu, the girl that I sponsor through the Shanti Children Project and with whom I have a wonderfull friendship since we met in the garden of Ramana Ashram years ago.

In Mammallapuram I bought her a necklace, of which I was a little bit afraid that it would be to big for her. Yet is suits her perfectly and she is happy with it.
I take her to places and restaurants in her city that she never would visit otherwise. For instance the five star resort Sparsa, where you can swim in the swimming pool with  a view of the mountain that dominates the life in this city: Arunachala.

Two night ago for the first time I walked with another friend, Prembuddha, the so called Pradakshina, the 16 km walk around the Arunachala during full moon. Again hundreds of thousands of others did the same.

After more then 10 kilometers he announced that we were nearing a fine resturant and that is where we had dinner.
The next day I took Sindhu for lunch to this newly discovered place.
Good moment to share this picture that I took in the rikshaw back home:

Hare om.

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  1. Wouter says:

    Leuk je avonturen van het leven te lezen Hans!

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