The one and only authorized travel pic


Picture made on my request by a passing fellow tourist of me myself, sitting in front of Honey Hut in Rishikesh, enjoying Indian Times.

Good moment to see if this article in the Hindustan times is already available online. Yep, here it is:

Deep down this has to do with for instance the question if India would have been a democracy, if not for the English, who kind of did away with all those kingdoms that still existed when they left. Kashmir was such a big kingdom that it did not submit to the strong request of the English. This quickly from the memory only. For more info on this process, for those who are interested, see The Men Who Ruled India.

A Indian mentioning of the book:



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One Response to The one and only authorized travel pic

  1. Derek says:

    India democratic because of the English?
    What a laugh!
    Look at the neighboring countries, Buddhist as well as Muslim, almost all deteriorated into fundamentalist or military regimes.
    In my humble opinion it is just the Hindu spirit that kept democracy miraculously alive all this year’s after independence

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