David and Goliath part 1. // ‘John what is happening?’

Guru Land, always surprising. (Nederlandse versie hier).
‘When divine anger encounters repeatedly ignorance and obstinacy even the gods sometimes turn cynical’.
This phrase came along in the head, perhaps to justify the following:
I was planning to write a blog in response to something that came to the surface last month in a satsang of John de Ruiter in Tiruvannamalai.
A friend asked me directly aloud (and a bit  pityingly, because hey, he’s no longer interested in the “world”, entirely as it should be according to the scriptures, and so I did.) why I felt the need to do so, which was my drive?
Good question. I have spent time on it. And suddenly the answer is there.
Also thanks to that friend and a friend of that friend.
What is the case?
Last month, it became clear in a satsang of John de Ruiter that a Danish woman had told her story on facebook about John’s invitation to her to have sex with him.
I unfortunately was not there. At this satsang I mean. Unfortunately, because I would have loved to burst into laughter there the way I did when I heard that John de Ruiter calls it a vocation, ‘it’s a calling’.
Added to this was that the friend told me that the story already has a history of a number of years.
(See the article to which I will soon link, it gives a good description).
My friend had heard the story from a good friend, someone who has lived in the community in Edmonton in Canada, When the story was told to him, he was asked too not tell this to anyone, a request that my friend dutifully granted.
So, there is a multitude of women about which that those friends know that they have been put under pressure to sign statements afterwards about the voluntarity of the sex. On top of that the speculate that John it not aware of this.
It’s supposed to have been the work of the inner circle.
And so on. Sectarian madness
And suddenly I know why it is something that keeps me busy.
It’s my sense of justice that captures.
I have had for long an unpleasant feeling about that club and about John de Ruiter.
I told him this two years ago straight in his face in his satsang in Tiruvannamalai.
And suddenly I know: it smacks sectarian, incestuous, and to secrecy with emotional blackmail.
Whether or not accidental, but shortly after that momentary flare-up in that one satsang, so the one where once again it was repeated that “it’s a calling,” there appeared a pretty thorough analysis of the whole story.
The author also draws it wider than this one story and this one “guru”, opened up a website and here is his essay: http://beyondthegurugame.com/caught-in-the-guru-game/
 This link does not work anymore, yet I found it on the not so well known web archive:
NB. The above story was  in concept mode for a while.
Now I add that it is a coarser abrasive twist on the slogan “Take the best and leave the rest.”
The friend of the friend in the past has itself suffered greatly under the conduct of an ‘inner circle’ in another Guru’s setting.
And then yet again maintain a secret about something similar.
It will be the vasanas again, I guess.
And my vasana that I get exited about it.
This is David and Goliath Part 1.
I wrote the author that I find his article brave and good.
But also that it is the latest in a growing row.
On occasion I will put some of them in succession.
If possible, also with some observations and analyzes of others.
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