Drawing made during weekend 14 of Tao training (Bone marrow Nei Kung) and Starbucks in China

More text will follow.
[I kind of promised to my one person Indian audience to add the story to the drawing this weekend. So I will post this now and complete it, hopefully, later.]

In a sense, it is funny that I spent so much time on figuering out how a single thought or thought pattern works and how it works out in the nervous system. As tension in it, or as behavioral output of it.
And moreover, I think that doing so is very important.

The thing that relativates kind of everything for me at the moment is what I read about Starbucks in China:  their planning is that from now on up till 2022 they will open a Starbucks coffee store every 15 hours. Really.

My very important coverage of a titbit of what I have experienced during the last Tao weekend will follow in due time.

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