Drawing made during two Ayahuasca and rapé days, by now two weeks ago

Somewhere in Holland, June 15 2018.

Wow, what a day.
A day with a few Brazilians, ayahuasca and rapé (tobacco powder).
A number of well known patterns, habits and confusions came (more) to the light.

After the main ayahuasca work (it is actually called and considered work, you wish each other beforehand a good work, bom trabalho), there was a celebration annex healing and cleaning session. One of the Brazilians, the one wearing the headdress with many colourful feathers would play the guitar and sing for two hours.

Twice I had rapé blown into my nostrils. An energetic inward explosion in the head followed. Both times I had to sit down for quite a while: heavy sweating and a strong energized embodiment happening.

So, the first 4 to 5 hours was for the maine daime work. The second dose of Santo Daime (ayahuasca) was quite a ride! Many things came along. Before I give it a try (it will never be more than a try), here is a bold sounding conclusion, the way I spoke it to someone afterwards: today I became more of an adult. (‘Vandaag ben ik volwassen geworden’).

First try.
During the vision(ary) part of the second dose, a few things became clearly visible and became interconnected in a new and clearer way.
1. There is this idea that I am open to the world. This was, let’s say, specified: you open yourself up to the world and while doing so you also open up your ‘inner child’, including the parts that are not fully healed yet. (This is all metaphors folks, all metaphors).

And already here I am stranded. What to do?
I kind of promised to my one person Indian audience to add the story to the drawing this weekend. So I will post this now and complete it, hopefully, later.

[To complicate things a bit more: so far I am reviewing day 1, the drawing was made and inspired by what happened on day 2].

We were many.
In the back row the feathered headdress.

Padrinho Solon, singing in and with his community in Brazil.


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